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Three Year Glance

Since The Hustler’s Agenda is undated, this page can be used as a reference to fill in dates over at 3 year span, from year of production.

Mind Mapping

*As seen in the Year Ideation/Notes page and each Monthly Spread*
A visual, and often unorganized, tool to help the user figure out priorities for the year, month or project.

Main Ting + Side Ting

A primary goal or priority. Your focus.
*Tings may vary across the spectrum from people to projects.

A secondary goal or priority. Your sub-focus.
*Tings may vary across the spectrum from people to projects.

Year Benchmarks

A place in The Hustler’s Agenda where the user can track key progress points on a monthly basis. What were the highlights or lowlights?

Monthly Budget + Project Budget

*As seen in each month spread*
A budget sheet for personal income/expense tracking.

*As seen in each month spread*
A project-specific budget sheet.

Ink Legend

*As seen in each week spread*
Using different coloured pens/ink, this area is a legend to keep track of different projects and goals within the weekly spread.

The Hit List

*As seen in each week spread*
The people you need to connect with or follow up with that week.

Accountability Partner

*As seen in Month 1’s gratitude question*
An accountability partner is someone supports your progression when creating, achieving and debriefing your goals. This is not to be confused with a collaborator per se; it would be advised if they aren’t working with you directly, as they should be able to provide objective feedback and hold you to your targets. An AP isn’t a yes man, they are present to be real with you, to tell you give you honest, unbiased feedback.